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Our Story


If you can imagine it,
We can build it

Higgins Woodcraft is a family run, kitchen design and interior design specialist. We have over 18 years experience in hand built cabinetry design, manufacturing and installation.

We have an uncompromising commitment to quality and service ensuring that each project is a one off commission, allowing us to provide you something truly unique and opulent within your home. Our custom built cabinetry in not to be mistaken for a short term solution within
your home or work space, but rather as an investment to supply all your needs and styled to suit your individual taste.

We Exceed
All Expectations.

We strive to exceed expectations and we will ensure that all projects are not only outstanding but also excel in functionality. We at Higgins Woodcraft aim for excellence using the very best cabinetry techniques. We achieve this by using the finest quality Irish, European and American hardwoods and fit your bespoke project to the highest
standard to maximise your investment and withstand the test of time. We provide a complete service from design to installation to make your dream project a reality. 

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Bespoke Cabinetry

At Higgins Woodcraft, our cabinetry range
includes Kitchen design, Kitchen interior,
Bedrooms, Vanity units, Living room displays,
Office, Window seats, Mudrooms, Bench seats
and so much more.Our luxury bespoke cabinetry
techniques are designed with unlimited
options to ensure personalisation. We see our
cabinetry as a personalised luxury, each project
crafted to our client's particular lifestyle,
storage needs, specific style and design taste.

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